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The Breeders Choice' is an excellent Argentinean whisky, which was invented by Don Julio Santiago Llorente, and has traditionally been a great favourite amongst Argentinean cattle ranchers. 'The Breeders Choice' whisky proves to be just as popular amongst Argentineans today.

J. Llorente & Co.'s whisky distilling plant is situated in Escobar (in the Buenos Aires province) where it extends over five hectares. This exemplary factory is equipped with state-of-the-art machines, comfortable facilities, and a highly qualified technical staff, who check that the whisky is kept in suitable conditions.

'The Breeders Choice' owes its taste to the excellent aged whisky malts from which it is made. These are directly imported from the central highlands in Scotland. The malt has been aged in oak barrels before being exported to J. Llorente's plant in Escobar. Cereal alcohols are produced in Argentina using specialized techniques, which produce 96 % alcohol. This is then sent to J. Llorente's whisky distilling plant where the alcohol level is reduced to the 70 % needed for the long period of maturation. The Argentinean cereal alcohols are aged following Scottish methods: in 180 litre barrels in fireproof storehouses, which protect the barrels from fluctuations in temperature and humidity levels.

Finally, the Scotch malts and cereal alcohols are blended or 'married' in large containers so as to give the whisky its customary taste. The amounts of Scotch malt and Argentinean alcohols used have remained a family secret, which guarantees 'The Breeders Choice' his characteristic flavour, aroma and quality. The alcohol volume of the whisky is finally adjusted by adding distilled water. The whisky is then stored over 3 months in oak vats before being bottled.

The four year old whisky, is named 'extra-old'. In fact, the Argentinean Food Code considers a whisky 'old' when it has been matured for at least two years. The same code specifies that a whisky is only 'extra-old' when the whisky has been matured for four years or more.

On the label appear cattle, which were the first breeding animals which arrived from the United Kingdom to graze in Argentina. They are 'Virtuoso' (Aberdeen Angus), 'Niagara' (Hereford) and 'Tarquino' (Shorthorn).

Thanks to Mrs. Soledad Llorente (Marketing at J. Llorente & Co.) for support.