Latest update: April 28th 2015

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The Isle of Arran distillery is quite a young distillery. It was opened in 1995. Although there was a lot of distilling going on, on the island, the last distillery closed in 1837.

The distillery started after research for a good water source, this was found at Loch na Davie, after which the location at Lochranza was choosen. Building started in 1994 and the distillery opened a year later. Two years later in 1997, the distillery visitor centre was opened. Besides a nice distillery there was now also an attraction for visitors on the island. Even such that currently the Isle of Arran distillery is listed in the top 5 of distilleries, attracting the most visitors. This also means that the distillery is opening up the island, and is helping a lot of other attractions on the island to gain visitors.

If you wonder how this is possible, well you can reach the island from Ardrossan, about an hours drive from Glasgow, but there is also a ferry from Claonaig to Lochranza. This offers the people that visit Campbeltown and Islay a quick sailing towards Arran.

The rural island and the beauty of the distillery for whisky lovers makes that there are a lot visitors coming over to visit Arran.

My visit to Arran distillery was on a day when shortly after I arrived the eagles where seen high in the sky. The eagles have an important link with the distillery, as they stopped the building of the distillery, so the eagles could nest quietly. As a thank you it is said, the eagles did a flyby on the opening day of the distillery.

Although the buildings are only from 1995, the were set up with small kilns, so you see straight away that you are arriving at a distillery. The distillery shop is well sorted and the visitor centre and restaurant are certainly worth a visit. The distillery is very organised and you can see the whole operation in one room.

Arran whisky proves to be very popular and production may be increased soon. All in all a distillery worth a visit and taking a lot of tourists to the rest of the island.