Latest update: July 29th 2008


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Set in Pitlochry on the parking of the Edradour distillery, you can find a large white building. This building is owned by the owners of the Edradour distillery, Signatory Vintage.

Signatory Vintage had their offices and bottling hall in Edinburgh. When they bought the Edradour distillery, one of the things they wanted to do, was building a bottling hall in Pitlochry. The bottling hall has to be close to the distillery, so that all activities can be lead from one place.

The bottling hall is ready and the offices have also moved over from Edinburgh. When you enter the small warehouse that is added to the bottling hall, you see the problem that they are currently dealing with. Beside the shipments that are ready to be sent all over the world, there are a lot of casks on the floor. As currently the Edradour distillery does not have much space for casks, there are a lot of casks that have to be bottled lying around at the bottling hall. Currently Edradour is preparing to build 3 new warehouses, where also these casks can be kept.

From these premises all the shipments of Edradour, Ballechin and Signatory Vintage are prepared. This means that the crew works part of the time at the bottling line and part of the time getting shipment ready.

The bottling hall itself is quite large. There is a machine to demineralise and again mineralise the water from the burn, a load of tanks and filters of all kind. There is a large chill filter installation and some old equipment that was used for bottling in the past. This is now laying idle, waiting for an emergency during which it still may be used.

The bottling line itself is set to use all the bottle sizes that are used. Part of the equipment is still from the Edinburgh period, but most of it is added after the company moved to Pitlochry. Small batches can be still filled by hand (Edradour Wood Finish Cask Strength series).

Although the bottling line is large, at this moment they do not bottle for anyone else. But that may change in the future.