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Finally paying a visit to the Speyside distillery. Through the years I stayed a few times in Kingussie, not being aware where this distillery was located.

Heading back from Speyside to the south this was the time to go there for a visit. Although this distillery doesn’t have a regular visitors facility they allow visitors from time to time. That they are not facilitated is shown, it isn’t an all cleaned up distillery, it is a working place where you are allowed to have a look in at their operations. Their guide is probably one of the best you get, as the tour in general in conducted by distillery manager Sandy Jamieson.

Originally a barley mill this is a wonderful facility on a wonderful location. It is a small operation, so you can overlook the whole distillery quite easily. If you ask yourself if you know this distillery from somewhere, yes, it featured as Lagganmore distillery in The Monarch Of The Glen, a series that was on the BBC for a few years.

A bit of history: in 1896 there was a Speyside distillery built, employing 30 men around Kingussie. It only lasted for 10 years and was demolished in 1926. The name was revived in 1962, when George Christie founded a distillery/ Over the next decades a distillery was set up near the Drumguish hamlet. It took until 1990 to start production. They produced whiskies name The Speyside, Glentromie, Drumguish and Cú Dhub. This last whisky was produced on order for the Danish company Mac Y. The location of the distillery is in an old barley mill built in the 1700’s, and closed in 1965.

In 2013 the distillery was bought by Harvey’s of Edinburgh, with Taiwanese backing. Harvey’s already bought whisky from Speyside to sell on the Asian market under the Spey. After taking over all other brands where discontinued and they went on with their Spey brand and the Beinn Dubh black whisky. Currently they are enlarging their range of Spey whiskies.

But back to our distillery tour, Sandy gave us a cracking through the distillery that with a capacity of 500,000 litres of pure alcohol per year is quite small. A lovely place, where we were given a warm welcome.

I visited the Speyside distillery with my friend Iain Scott.



The pictures in the slide show at the left, were taken by Frans Brouwer – The Whisky Friend. The pictures are used with kind permission from him.

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